Air Duct Cleaning - Lake Angelus, Michigan


Air Duct Cleaning - Lake Angelus, Michigan

Interested in finding an air duct cleaning service provider that can provide
your Lake Angelus home a breath of fresh air?

Lake Angelus became a city in 1984, boasting gorgeous homes built on expansive wooded properties with an abundance of pollen that may aggravate some allergies. Many of the homes in Lake Angelus are newer or have been renovated throughout the years. If you recently remodeled your home, then your air ducts may be filled with sawdust, drywall dust and finishing contaminants that are constantly being circulated throughout your home. Cleaning your air ducts will help eliminate unwanted debris from your home’s indoor air, helping you breathe easier! When done properly, air duct cleaning can deliver the best results to create a cleaner, healthier indoor environment.

Amistee Air Duct Cleaning & Insulation has been servicing the community of Lake Angelus, Michigan, since 2005. Amistee has built a reputation based upon quality and thoroughness. At Amistee Air Duct Cleaning & Insulation, our technicians are all HVAC certified, ensuring that any team member we send to your home possesses a comprehensive knowledge of how your heating and cooling system works. Our level of expertise matched with our company’s rigorous training, which is according to the standards of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, guarantees that your home will be in good hands. Our commitment to improving your indoor air quality is exemplified in every step of our work. Amistee Air Duct Cleaning & Insulation takes pride in providing a thorough and comprehensive cleaning in which homeowners can be confident.

The process of Amistee Air Duct Cleaning & Insulation is self contained. We agitate the dirt in your ventilation system, allowing it to be dislodged and sucked through our 10” vacuum hoses, into our powerful PTO-driven truck. Our trucks pull 16,000-17,000 CFM of air from your air duct system… the most suction power in the industry! Between 20-30 pounds of debris is sucked from your air duct system. Our team wears shoe covers the minute they step through your door. Long, clean tarps are carefully placed under the giant 10” vacuum hoses to keep your floors clean. And our technicians represent a smoke-free environment at Amistee. After all, we represent “clean” and we want our customers to be able to enjoy a fresh indoor space. We also verify that the cleaning has been performed properly and thoroughly by showing you before and after pictures of your home’s ductwork. Every picture is date stamped and represents our dedication to the industry.

Amistee Air Duct Cleaning & Insulation cleans to the high standards of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. We recommend that you look at the Better Business Bureau online. The BBB has rated Amistee with the top A+ Rating. Check out Angie’s List, the online consumer-rated site that rates local companies offering a service or product. We’ve been awarded the Angie’s List Super Service Award since 2006!

You can expect quality, professionalism, accountability and timeliness from Amistee. You can also expect that your quote will not change from the day you receive it until your appointment is done. Let one of our trained team members answer your questions about your ventilation system cleaning needs and explain our 100% guarantee. The improvement in indoor air quality, reduction of dust and allergies and heightened efficiency in your HVAC system is worth the investment. Call Amistee Air Duct Cleaning today at (248) 349–8877!

Air Duct Cleaning
Lake Angelus, Michigan
Before & After Pictures

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At Amistee, we are committed to the quality of our work. We offer a 90 day guarantee in order to make sure you are absolutely satisfied with our services. If you do not feel like a job was completed properly, let us know.

We will come back and make sure the issue is resolved at no charge to you. Guarantee.

Air Vent Cleaners, Lake Angelus Michigan 48326

“They did a great job. They were polite, thorough and professional. We are very happy.”
-Susan Timco, Lake Angelus Michigan 48326

Dirty Duct Cleaners, Lake Angelus Michigan 48326

“The technicians were very polite. They addressed all of my concerns, went over the process and were very patient with me following them around. I appreciate their work and will hire them again in three years.”
-Joe Garcia, Lake Angelus Michigan 48326

Professional Vent Cleaners, Lake Angelus Michigan 48326

“I was nervous about them being in the home but they made me very comfortable. They arrived on time and went right to work. Within an hour or two the work was done and I can already tell it is cleaner in my home.”
-Leslie Selden, Lake Angelus Michigan 48326

Air Duct Cleaner Review, Lake Angelus Michigan 48326

“They were both great! The two guys were nice, friendly and professional.”
-Stephanie Cole, Lake Angelus Michigan 48326

Air Duct Cleaning Company, Lake Angelus Michigan 48326

“Barry and Josh were fantastic! They cleaned everything and did so in a timely manner. I am completely satisified and will highly recommend to others. Thank you.”
-Denis Akin, Lake Angelus Michigan 48326

Vent Cleaning Company, Lake Angelus Michigan 48326

“I decided to go with Amistee because of their positive reviews on Angie’s List and I was not disappointed. The technicians were properly dressed, arrived on time and went to work right away. They cleaned all the registers and showed me the before and after pictures to make sure I was happy with the result.”
-Jen Attron, Lake Angelus Michigan 48326 Resident

Clean Air Ducts Review, Lansing MI 48901

“Great job! Excellent and very professional. We are completely satisfied.”
-Kim Komar, Lansing MI 48901

Air Vent System Cleaner, Lake Angelus Michigan 48326

“The two technicians were polite and professional. The cleaning was easy to schedule, affordable and only took a few hours. Overall, I am very glad we decided to go with Amistee.”
-Eric Harken, Lake Angelus Michigan 48326

Clean Air Vent System, Lake Angelus Michigan 48326

“I was very pleased with my experience with your company. The two men you sent to my home were very honest and knowledgeable. They also made sure not to startle my cats. Please let the gentlemen know that I appreciate that.”
-Denise Azel, Lake Angelus Michigan 48326 Resident