Air Duct Cleaning - Rockwood, Michigan


Air Duct Cleaning - Rockwood, Michigan

Find out why clean air ducts matter to Rockwood.

Some say it takes a village, but with Rockwood, it takes a charming little city. With a population just shy of 3,500, the community of Rockwood boasts great family, neighbors and small business owners. It is a place to truly appreciate the simple life. Rockwood is a residence for years to come rather than a place to drop by and then move on. Homeowners and shop owners alike take great care of their living spaces and that is why Amistee Air Duct Cleaning & Insulation is happy to help.

Amistee has been serving the residents of Southeastern Michigan with a comprehensive and complete air duct cleaning since 2005. Our professional team understands the importance of one’s home and takes that into consideration during every step of the cleaning process. After all, you spend up to 90% of your time inside, so a clean home should be a pollutant-free home. Amistee is your local, family owned air duct cleaning business. Our mission is to rid your HVAC system of contaminated debris such as dead skin cells, hair, mold, dirt, pet dander and mildew in order to provide you and your family healthier indoor air. Completing well over 10,000 air duct cleanings, the Amistee National Air Duct Cleaners Association-certified crew is the most dedicated team of professionals in the business.

Amistee has been changing the way air duct cleaning companies do business. We are the first air duct cleaning company in Michigan to offer a smoke-free workplace to customers. You can be assured that our employees will never smell like smoke. This is just one way we can demonstrate to the homeowners of Rockwood, Michigan that we take indoor air quality very seriously. From the time our technicians enter your doorway, their shoes are covered by shoe protectors. Tarps are laid down on flooring surfaces in order to protect your home wherever we run our hose to the main line of your ductwork. Our team thoroughly explains the air duct cleaning process so you know what to expect. Each team member is trained to follow the high standards of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), which Amistee Air Duct Cleaning & Insulation is a proud member of.

Amistee has invested in the best equipment that our industry has to offer. Our vacuum trucks are equipped with all the tools necessary to clean homes that have a basement, attic, slab, or crawl space duct system. Dirt and debris is agitated in the ventilation system, allowing it to be dislodged and sucked through our giant 10” vacuum hoses into our powerful PTO-driven trucks. Our trucks pull 16,000-17,000 cubic feet per minute of air from your air duct system… that’s the suction power of 425 upright Hoover vacuums! You’ll see the results with “before” and “after” photos of the ventilation system to prove the value of our cleaning services.

Please feel free to contact one of our trained team members for a quote or just to answer a few questions at (248) 349–8877. Your quote will not change from the day you receive it, so you don’t have to worry about up-charges or deceptive practices. Our expert technicians are on the road, Monday through Saturday with appointment arrival times between 8am-9am, 11am-1pm and 1pm-3pm. Our indoor air specialists will call you the day before your appointment and also when on their way the day of your appointment. We want Rockwood to enjoy improvement in indoor air quality, reduction of dust and allergies and heightened efficiency in your air duct system. It’s all a part of Amistee’s 100% guarantee!

Air Duct Cleaning
Rockwood, Michigan
Before & After Pictures

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cleaned air duct system addison township
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At Amistee, we are committed to the quality of our work. We offer a 90 day guarantee in order to make sure you are absolutely satisfied with our services. If you do not feel like a job was completed properly, let us know.

We will come back and make sure the issue is resolved at no charge to you. Guarantee.

Vent Cleaner, Rockwood MI 48173

“Cannot say enough nice things about your company. Professional crew, very sweet office staff and loved the bright green trucks! It was a great experience and I already had one neighbor ask me about it.”
-Susanne Nichols, Rockwood MI 48173

Heat Duct Cleaning, Rockwood MI 48173

“They were very kind and did a good job. It was a pleasant experience.”
-Abigail Johnson, Rockwood MI 48173

Air Duct Cleaner, Rockwood MI 48173

“They did a very good job. I really liked how they wore the booties on their shoes to keep my carpets clean. Nice touch. Polite, hardworking, very professional.” -Betty Bety, Rockwood MI 48173
-Betty Bety, Rockwood MI 48173

Air Vent Cleaning, Rockwood MI 48173

“The two technicians answered all my questions and seemed like they knew exactly what they were doing. They were very cautious of my new floors and cleaned up after themselves. Overall, very satisified.”
-Mike White, Rockwood MI 48173

Duct Cleaning, Rockwood MI 48173

“I had another cheap company come in and clean our ducts and was very disappointed so I called you. I had read your reviews and was hoping this would be better since it did cost more. Not only was the service outstanding, the pictures they took before my cleaning shows that the other company did not do what they said they did. The photos taken after the cleaning that your company did show exactly what I wanted, clean ducts!”
-Sharon Shetton, Rockwood MI 48173

Air Duct Cleaning Cost, Rockwood MI 48173

““We are very happy with the air duct cleaning you did. My daughter has allergies and she says she can tell a difference.”
-Joann Anderson, Rockwood MI 48173

Heat Vent Cleaning Review, Rockwood MI 48173

“Josh and Jim did a fantastic job. They were well-equipped to handle my ductwork even though my house sat on a slab foundation. They did a great job and I am thinking about having my father’s house done for his birthday.”
-Sarah Bode, Rockwood MI 48173