Air Duct Cleaning - New Baltimore, Michigan


Air Duct Cleaning - New Baltimore, Michigan

New Baltimore air duct cleaning customers can breathe easier
with Amistee Air Duct Cleaning & Insulation!

New Baltimore residents are accustomed to light breezes off Anchor Bay, Michigan. This historic, Michigan coastal resort community enjoys the fresh air of neighborhood parks and beaches. Locals have always taken advantage of their easy access to water to spur their economy. Originally, residents profited from the waterways for exportation but the invention of the automobile changed how goods were moved. They had to find a new means to utilize the shoreline.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Americans spend an average of 90% of their time inside and this is no different for New Baltimore residents. You spend 90% of your time breathing in pollutants such as allergens, hair, pet dander, pollen and construction debris! All of these contaminants cycle into each room through your ventilation system. To improve your air quality, Amistee Air Duct Cleaning & Insulation provides top-notch, professional air duct cleaning service.

Since 2005, the Amistee team has cleaned over 15,000 air duct systems in homes and businesses located all over Metro Detroit and many in New Baltimore. Walmart and Comerica Park call on Amistee for their heating ducts and you should too. Whether you have a colonial, ranch, or tri-level, Amistee had the expertise to increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. This saves you money in the long run. But more importantly, your family will have healthier air from cleaner air ducts!

Our technicians are trained according to the high standards of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. They possess the expertise necessary to provide our customers with outstanding service for air duct cleaning as well as dryer vent cleaning. The combination of knowledge and commitment to excellence from the Amistee crew has been recognized by your neighbors, friends and local companies. We have also been voted "Michigan's Best" by Corp Magazine and "Best Heating Service" by Channel 4 Click On Detroit several years in a row.

Attention to detail is important during a professional duct cleaning. Before our technicians enter your home or commercial building, they slip on shoe covers. A clean drop-cloth will be placed along the path of our high-powered vacuum hoses. Exposed corners in this area will be protected by foam covers. Each step we take insures your floors and walls will not be scratched or scuffed in the duct cleaning process. Amistee Air Duct Cleaning & Insulation is also a smoke-free company, so our team will never contaminate your indoor air. Service is our niche and we have proven that to our past customers. We would love to share what they have said about us to you, just ask for recommendations!

lt may surprise you that we pull over 20 pounds of dirt, dust and other unwanted debris from your ventilation system into our state-of-the-art trucks made specifically for duct cleaning. We also use our scrubbing tools to air wash each register, vent and diffuser in your home. It is a process that takes approximately two to three hours to complete, but you and your loved ones will enjoy for years. You will notice a difference in your air quality as soon as we turn on your system again. Those prone to allergies, suffer from asthma or have any respiratory illness will benefit greatly from our professional duct cleaning for your New Baltimore home. Of course, a ventilation system that isn’t bogged down by debris may have fewer repair bills in the future too.

Scheduling an appointment with Amistee is easy. Get your questions answered at (248) 349–8877 to experience the "Amistee difference" today!

Air Duct Cleaning
New Baltimore, Michigan
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At Amistee, we are committed to the quality of our work. We offer a 90 day guarantee in order to make sure you are absolutely satisfied with our services. If you do not feel like a job was completed properly, let us know.

We will come back and make sure the issue is resolved at no charge to you. Guarantee.

Air Duct Cleaning in New Baltimore Michigan 48047

“I was very pleased with the high level of service that Chad and Rick offered me and my family. They came in my home and treated it better than I would. They wore shoe protectors and also updated me with anything new that they were about to do. I am very pleased with both of them and Amistee. I will recommend you to anyone that asks about air duct cleaning.”
-Mr. Ronald Cusher, New Baltimore Resident 48047

Duct Cleaning Company in New Baltimore MI 48047

“I have needed this service done for many years but for some reason I always made excuses as to why I should not do it. When I saw you at my neighbors I asked him how it went and he was very pleased so I thought I would try the service out. I am overwhelmed at the high level of service and can not believe the before and after pictures that I was shown. Unreal what I was breathing.”
-Mrs. Nancy Compost, New Baltimore Resident

Duct Cleaning Cost in Michigan 48047

“Duct cleaning costs in Michigan seem to be all across the board. I found that to have my ducts cleaned the cost from Amistee was very fair and actually below some other duct cleaning companies. I got an up front honest price. What else could I ask for?”
-Mr. George Keller, New Baltimore Michigan Resident

Heating Duct Cleaning in MIchigan, New Baltimore MI 48047

“The team was on time, efficient and very well groomed. I would say it was well worth the money.”
-Mr. Tim Vanacyck, New Baltimore Resident

Vent Cleaning for New Baltimore Michigan 48047

“On time (even early) and the team told me what they would be doing and then also showed me pictures of my ducts before and after.”
-Mr. Edward Smith, New Baltimore MI Resident

NADCA Certified Company in New Baltimore MI 48047

“I found your firm on NADCA and looked at how to properly clean ducts. I printed off the sheet and I was pleased to know that your company followed the list of proper cleaning steps without me having to baby sit the guys. Good Work.”
-Mr. Lanny Weston, New Baltimore Resident

New Baltimore Duct Cleaner 48047

“Great service all around. Donna in the office was a dream to work with and she answered all of my questions. I am so sorry for being such a pain and having to reschedule 3 different times!”
-Mrs. Penny Unhab, New Baltimore Resident

New Baltimore Duct Cleaning 48047

“It is hard to find a service company that actually does what they say. I have found that with Amistee the level of service is much higher than any other service I have ever had. Kudos to such a well ran company.”
-Mrs. Renee Walters, New Baltimore MI Resident